We Craft Awesome Products

The Designer is a boutique design studio specializing in industrial design, mechanical
engineering, design research, and prototyping. We make functional and beautiful products that
work better, cost less and make our customer say WOW!


3D CAD Design​

Turn initial concepts into creative design solutions. Our design team will transform your new idea into a high-quality 3D CAD model.


Whether your interest is in fundraising or pitching your idea to VCs, we canbuild prototypes that will impress your backers.


Save time and money by checking the stand-ability of your design through simulation solutions.


Take your product idea and turn it into a reality. We will help you make informeddecisions throughout the entire product development process.

Product Innovation

Innovate new products and technologies through a blend of design creativity, simplicity, standards, and engineering excellence.

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  • Communicate
  • Listen
  • Create
  • Validate
  • Deliver

Tell us the story!

The first step in our process is to start a conversation with you so we can extract as much information as possible. During this stage, we also conduct research to better understand theories and concepts that are related to your product, and its features, functionalities, and applicability.In order to reach your desired product structure, we must ensure that it fulfillsthe best definition of your business objectives. Therefore, fully grasping your domain of business, as well as your competitive landscape, are of paramount importance.Once we conclude this step, we are able to generate a proposal and set deadlines. At which point, our design process can be tailored specifically to your needs and wants.


What is the audience longing for?

In this fast-moving world, the end-user decides whether the product is successful or not. By uncovering the needs of the user, addressing their pain points, and researching into social trends, market segmentation, etc., we can uncover problem areas within the existing product. Once these problems are uncovered, we can troubleshoot and ensure that the new product fulfills the brand expectation, works better for the end-user and is supported by an appropriate and compelling business case that fits within the wider business strategy.


Write the Script!

After considering the knowledge that we have learned during the “listening” stage, our team creates several concepts, including digital rendering, concept selection, 3D CAD Modeling, and prototyping. 

The Designer team will interview key stakeholders and user groups to get the creative juices flowing.


Edit the Script

It is time to make the user test the juice! During this stage, we invite the targeted user to try the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) – this allows us to apply a user-experience test. Our multi-disciplinary team evaluates the MVP, considers the results from the UX test, and determines what is needed to take the solution to the next level. 

This stage resolves preliminary feasibility and functionality issues and transforms the concept into a solid, tested solution.


Tell them the Story

Semifinal products and advanced MVP are created. Final refinements are made. 

Our team is well trained in ensuring our concepts are designed for manufacturing (DFM), so the transition from MVP to manufacturing is smooth.