Flower Turbine


Designed Wind Energy turbines and embed Solar Panels onto the wings to utilize solar and wind energy simultaneously. Conduct a flow simulation and motion analysis study to get specific results to be used in mathematical modeling and idea validation.

Our Rules:

Conceptual Design

The designed blades combined wind and solar energy. Blades were mounted by pitch mechanism to turn the angle of attack of the blades into or out of the wind to control the production or absorption of power. The rotor was mounted onto the mast by a pitch mechanism to rotate around the given axis. Then the entire system was connected with respect to mechanical, electrical and aerodynamics rules. Thus, the system started generating electrical power by utilizing wind and solar energy.

CAD Design

CAD development was carried out to refine the modular design for the flower turbine. Time was spent developing several modules to build the entire system based on mathematical calculations to prepare it for simulation and motion analysis.

Simulation Motion

A series of flow simulations and motion analyses were conducted using Solid-Work flow simulation and motion analysis tools to get a set of mathematical design variables to be used in mathematical modeling and idea validation.

The model was successfully simulated, analyzed, refined and mathematically calculated.