Foldable Grill


Design a portable grill that allowe users to save space while preparing for barbecue
parties in natural parks or beaches where the grill would be stored in the car trunk.

Our Rules:

Conceptual Design

The designed portable grill included extra foldable spaces that could easily be folded/unfolded to change the depth of the grill. There are air venting slots on the lower space to light the fire. Also, there are pan inserting slots to enable the users to use meat pans with the barbecue.

CAD Design

CAD development was carried out to refine and enhance the modular design for the portable grill. Time was spent developing a “plug and play” mechanism to make it easier for the users to fold and unfold the grill to 1/3 of its size to save space in the car trunk and have extra space while barbecuing. Extra care was given in development to ensure the meat would not get burned when cooking, as well as to ensure sturdy legs would allow for good stand-ability while it is in use. In addition, air venting slots needed to be designed that could allow the user to light the fire easily.