Light Bringer


Designe a handmade sophisticated giveaway that allowes user to have more than one slice be used. In addition, it had to come with a variety of colors and light.

Our Rules:

Conceptual Design

The designed Light Bringer – Giveaway includes two slices that allow the user to have more than one slice at each package where the user can change between them. The user can customize as many of the slices they want. The Light Bringer also came with various colors of light. Contrary to other design, the Light Bringer was handmade of beech wood

CAD Design

CAD development was carried out to refine and enhance the modular design for the Light Bringer. Time was spent developing a “plug and play” mechanism to ensure that the user could easily change from one slice to another.


A series of prototypes were created using a combination of 3D Printers, laster cutting and woodworking machines to allow the Light Bringer to be tested and refined before creating the final product for commercial usage.

The model was successfully simulated, analyzed, refined and mathematically calculated.


The guys at “The Designer” identified the design in a timely manner and exhibited responsiveness along with a high degree of technical abilities.

The product design process was organized, and the results were delightfully met. I am proud that I worked with this team, I will be referring my future projects to them.

Abed Albaset Hamam | Project Founder