Lights Turbine


Design exhaust gas turbines to turn car lights by utilizing the exhaust gas. Also, conduct a flow simulation to get specific results to be used in mathematical modeling and validation.

Our Rules:

Conceptual Design

The designed lights turbine is easily inserted inside the exhaust pipe. Then the turbine
is connected with the lights net; with the ability of having both (conventional and the
light turbine) methods connected. This approach protected the car battery’s lifetime
and prevented power consumption caused by forgetting to turn the car’s lights off.

CAD Design

CAD development was carried out to refine and enhance the modular design for the light turbine. Time was spent developing a “plug and play” mechanism to make it easier for the user to insert the device into the exhaust pipe.

Simulation Motion

A series of flow simulations were conducted using solid-work flow simulation to get a
set of mathematical design variables to be used in mathematical modeling and model

The model was successfully simulated, refined and mathematically calculated.


"It was the first time I ever contacted a designer but TD made sure that I have a
pleasant experience. We had an uncommon project that needed an
experienced designer to work on. That's why we contacted TD. The process
and final results were outstanding and we ended up with a perfect finished product on time."

Yazan Al Saif | Project Owner