Smarty Plug


Designed an Electrical Outlet Cover with a back cover and Stamp Terminal Clip that encapsulated the PCB and its component in order to allow it to do the desired functions with the very tight standard space available.

Our Rules:

Conceptual Design

The designed Outlet Cover including the Stamp Terminal had a universal inlet that allowed the PCB to manage the consumed electrical current from the plugged-in device. In addition, it allowed for objects with a known range to protect children and to protect the system from the overload.

CAD Design

CAD development was carried out to refine and enhance the modular design for the Outlet Cover and Terminal Clip. Time was spent developing a “plug and play” mechanism to make it easier for the users to install the device into the system. In addition, time was invested to develop a module that could encapsulate the whole components with a tiny standard space – a steel box used for such a product in the market – with high quality and reliability.


A series of prototypes were created using a combination of CNC mechanism, laser cutting, and 3D Printing to allow the Outlet Cover and Terminal Clip to be tested and refined before creating the final product of the Smarty Plug for commercial usage.


It has been a long time since I am struggling to finsh up the project as it needs a well-experianced designer, it was the best day of my life when I met The Deigner as they carried my entire dream and brought it to life. They did it better than what I could imagine.

Anas Sabha | CEO